International Studies on Military Ethics

International Studies on Military Ethics is a peer reviewed series of monographs, theses and edited volumes. The series aims to promote the scholarly analysis and practical teaching of the complete spectrum of military ethics, to include the ethical aspects of the ius ad bellum, the ius in bello, the ius post bellum and the ethical aspects of international peacekeeping. It will, moreover, explore interactions with related fields of interest such as humanitarian assistance, international humanitarian law, emerging military technologies and human rights. The series will examine the ethical implications of decisions taken at all levels, from senior policy makers to individuals at the tactical level.

This series is published under the auspices of EURO-ISME, the European Branch of the International Society for Military Ethics.

This is a new series with an average of one volume per year.

Editorial Board

Dr. Ted van Baarda, The Netherlands

Editorial Board:
Prof. dr. Jovan Babić, University of Belgrade Serbia
Prof.dr. Thomas R. Elssner, Catholic Military Chaplaincy, Zentrum Innere Führung; Bundeswehr, Germany
Prof.dr. Juha Mäkinen, National Defence University, Finland
Prof.dr. Per Bauhn, Linnæus University, Sweden
Prof.dr. Henri Hude, Research Centre of the Military Academy of Saint Cyr Coëtqidan, France
Prof.dr. Bruno Coppieters, Free University Brussels, Belgium
Prof.dr. (em.) Daniel Thürer, University of Zürich, Switzerland
Dr Patrick Mileham, Council of Military Education Commitees of United Kingdom Universities