Leiden Studies in Indo-European

Series edited by Alexander Lubotsky, Alwin Kloekhorst, and Tijmen Pronk
Alexander Lubotsky is Professor of Comparative Indo-European Linguistics at Leiden University, and he is a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy for Arts and Sciences, and a member of Academia Europaea. His publications include The system of nominal accentuation in Sanskrit and Proto-Indo-European (Brill, 1988), A R̥gvedic Word Concordance , 2 Vols. (American Oriental Society, 1997), Atharvaveda-Paippalāda, kān ̣d ̣a five. Text, translation, commentary (Harvard Oriental Series, 2002), and Alanic marginal notes in a Greek liturgical manuscript (Verlag der Österrei¬chi¬schen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 2015).