Library of the Written Word - The Manuscript World


Editor: Richard Gameson
The Manuscript World investigates the forms, functions and impact of books, individually and collectively, in their cultural contexts, from Antiquity to the Renaissance. Extending from the era of roll books, through that of the monastic scriptorium and then on, via the age of professional scribes and illuminators serving scholars and princes, to the point when manuscript-makers were responding to the challenge of printing, this long period embraces a sequence of profound changes in the nature of the book. The Manuscript World accordingly explores the many roles of the hand-written book in all its manifestations, across more than a millennium of human history.
Richard Gameson, Durham University (Editor-in-Chief)

Martin Kauffmann, The Bodleian Library, Oxford
Erik Kwakkel, The University of British Columbia
Kathryn Rudy, University of St Andrews
Roger S. Wieck, The Morgan Library & Museum, New York
“One of the most outstanding series in the field of European book history.”
Mart van Duijn, Leiden University Libraries. In: Quaerendo, Vol. 44, No. 3 (2014).