Modern Chinese Philosophy

Editor: John Makeham
Unlike classical, medieval, Buddhist or post-Tang Confucian philosophy, Modern Chinese philosophy has been largely ignored in Western studies of Chinese philosophy. This series aims to redress this imbalance by publishing authoritative, innovative and informative studies in Chinese philosophy from the late Qing period to contemporary times. It aims to become the series of choice for prospective authors of studies on Modern Chinese philosophy writing on topics in New Confucian philosophy, modern Buddhist philosophy, Chinese Marxist philosophy, modern Daoist philosophy, as well as works of a comparative nature. It will be “catholic” in its judgment of what constitutes Chinese philosophy, adopting the norms favoured by Chinese scholars and intellectuals, as well as those adopted in the Western academy.

John Makeham, PhD (1992) in History of Chinese Thought, Australian National University, is Chair and Director of the China Studies Research Centre at La Trobe University. He has published extensively in traditional, modern and contemporary Chinese intellectual history. He was awarded the Joseph Levenson Book Prize (2005) for his monograph Transmitters and Creators: Chinese Commentators and Commentaries on the Analects (Harvard University Asia Center, 2003).