The Medieval and Early Modern Iberian World

This series explores the peoples and cultures of medieval Christian, Jewish, and Islamic Iberia - the key focus of its predecessor, Medieval Iberian Peninsula - while offering a broader chronological remit to include studies of late Roman and Visigothic Iberia, and of early modern Iberia and the Iberian World (1500-1800), including colonial experiences in the Americas, Africa, and Asia.

The series publishes works covering the full linguistic and literary diversity of Iberian history, including the Arabic, Castilian, Catalan, Hebrew, Latin, and Portuguese traditions. It welcomes studies employing diverse forms of analysis and from all scholarly disciplines, including anthropology, archaeology and numismatics, art history, history (cultural, social, and economic as well as institutional, political, and intellectual), linguistics, literature, music, philosophy, and religious studies. The editors are interested in monographs, edited collections, and text editions and translations. A prime aim of the series is to bring forward high-calibre studies from the Catalan-, Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking worlds and to make them accessible to the Anglophone world.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts to either the series editors, or the Publisher at Brill, Dr Kate Hammond.

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Larry Simon (Western Michigan University)
Gerard Wiegers (University of Amsterdam)
Isidro J. Rivera (University of Kansas)
Mercedes García-Arenal (CCHS/CSIC)
Montserrat Piera (Temple University)
Sabine Panzram (Universität Hamburg)
The series is aimed at readers with interests in late antiquity, the Middle Ages (the Mediterranean, North Africa, Judaism, the Muslim World and Iberia), the history of European expansion, and the colonial Americas. The series publishes monographs, edited volumes of essays, and source translations and edited texts.