Pedagogy, Education and Praxis

The Pedagogy, Education and Praxis series will foster a conversation of traditions in which different European and Anglo-American perspectives on ‘pedagogy’, ‘education’ and ‘praxis’ are problematised and explored. By opening constructive dialogue between different theoretical and intellectual traditions, the Series aims, in part, at recovering and extending the resources of these distinctive traditions for education in contemporary times. The Series aims to contribute to (1) theoretical developments in the fields of pedagogy, education and praxis; (2) the development of praxis in the pedagogical professions; and (3) the development of strategies capable of resisting and counteracting contemporary tendencies towards the technologisation, standardisation, bureaucratisation, commodification and demoralisation of education.
Editorial Board:
Stephen Kemmis, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Matts Mattsson, Sweden
Petra Ponte, The Netherlands
Karin Rönnerman, University of Gothenborg, Sweden

Advisory Board:
Jan Ax, The Netherlands
Wilfred Carr, University of Sheffield, UK
Eli Moksnes Furu, University of Tromsø, Norway
Inge Johansson, Stockholm University, Sweden
Petri Salo, Åbo Academy University, Finland
Tracey Smith, New South Wales Department of Education and Communities, Australia
Educational researchers and their students