Presenting the Past

Central Issues in Medieval and Early Modern Studies Across the Disciplines

Taking on big issues, in historical perspective, leading to their relevance and importance in the present, this series will offer a convening of interests across temporal, geographical, as well as disciplinary boundaries, showing how a given issue can be viewed from many points of view. In this series, medieval studies will be fully expanded to their relevance within major topics of interest today, showing also the uses of historical studies for purposes other than solely for specialized topical research within the historical disciplines. As such, the series will also be of use for teaching purposes, providing as well a link between scholarship, the university student, and the general reader.

The series published two volumes over the last 5 years.
Nancy Van Deusen, editor, and general editor of series, holds a Ph.D. (l972) in Musicology, Indiana University, Bloomington; is Professor of Musicology, Benezet Professor of the Humanities, Claremont Graduate University, and is Director of the Claremont Consortium in Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Claremont Colleges and Graduate University, Claremont, California, USA. She has published extensively on music within the medieval city of Rome, music within medieval cathedrals, the medieval sequence within its Latin codicological and paleographical contexts as well as its significance for the history of ideas; music as medieval science and within the curriculum of the early university.