Teaching Race and Ethnicity

We are looking for books that deal with centrally race and/or ethnicity and are intended to be used in college classes. Monographs, short text books and edited volumes will be considered (original material only). Books should be of significant value to the teaching of race and/or ethnicity.

The series aims to promote social justice perspectives—all topics, disciplinary perspectives, methods and writing styles will be considered. Please note all authors will be expected to comply with the Sense style guidelines. We expect book to be approximately 200 printed pages with an estimated 500 words per page when tabulated using Sense’s style guidelines.
International authors are encouraged to submit proposals (we can publish in the English language only). Sense’s proposal form can be found at www.sensepublishers.com. Proposals should include: title (with subtitle if applicable), summary of the book, table of contents, the market for the book (what level, disciplines and courses the book can be used in) and a realistic delivery date and should be accompanied by a CV for each author. If the book will have pedagogical features please note that as well.

Please send queries or full proposals to Series Editor, Dr. Patricia Leavy at pleavy7@aol.com.

The Teaching Race and Ethnicity series publishes monographs, anthologies and reference books that deal centrally with race and/or ethnicity. The books are intended to be used in undergraduate and graduate classes across the disciplines. The series aims to promote social justice with an emphasis on multicultural, indigenous, intersectionality and critical race perspectives.
Editorial Board
Series Editor:
Dr. Patricia Leavy

International Editorial Board:
Theodorea Regina Berry, Mercer University, USA
Owen Crankshaw, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Payi Linda Ford, Charles Darwin University, Australia
Patricia Hill Collins, University of Maryland, USA
Virinder Kalra, University of Manchester, UK
Marvin Lynn, Indiana University, USA
Nuria Rosich, Barcelona University (Emerita), Spain
Beverley Anne Yamamoto, Osaka University, Japan
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