Religion in the Americas

The book series Religion in the Americas (REAM) is a series of publications devoted to the study of religious influences within and between South, Central, Latin, and North America. A particular focus lies on the interaction of different forms of religion with the societies, politics, religions, economies, symbols, and cultures of the variety of peoples in the Americas. The complex theologies, philosophies, and contributions of their expressions and experiences throughout the Americas have profoundly influenced not only Catholicism but many other religions - not just in the Americas but all across the globe. Religion in the Americas seeks to bring to the forefront new and promising works that deal with these issues, particularly from the perspectives of Religious Studies, Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, History, Psychology, or Latin American Studies.

The series has published an average of one volume per year over the last 5 years.
Editorial Board:
Henri Gooren, Oakland University, Rochester, MI, USA
Steven Engler, Mount Royal University, Calgary, Canada
Cristina Rocha, University of Western Sydney, Australia