Studies in the Archaeology and History of the Levant

Published in a quarto-size format to allow for illustrations, volumes in this series focus on archaeological and historical topics, either as monographs or as collections of essays.

The Studies in the Archaeology and History of the Levant series publishes volumes from the Harvard Museum of the Ancient Near East. Other series offered by Brill that publish volumes from the Museum include Harvard Semitic Studies and Harvard Semitic Monographs,
Director of Publications: Michael D. Coogan (Harvard University)
Editorial Board: Gojko Barjamovic (Harvard University), Alejandro Botta (Boston University), Aaron A. Burke (University of California, Los Angeles), Katrien De Graef (University of Ghent), Paul Delnero (Johns Hopkins University), Steven E. Fassberg (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), Uri Gabbay (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), W. Randall Garr (University of California, Santa Barbara), Jonathan Greer (Cornerstone University), Rebecca Hasselbach-Andee (University of Chicago), Robert S. Homsher (Harvard University), Jeremy M. Hutton (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Enrique Jiménez (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Dan’el Kahn (University of Haifa), Sara Milstein (University of British Columbia), Na'ama Pat-El (University of Texas, Austin), Hervé Reculeau (University of Chicago), Francesca Rochberg (University of California, Berkeley), Aaron Rubin (Pennsylvania State University), Piotr Steinkeller (Harvard University), Joshua Walton (Capital University), Mark Weeden (University of London), Christopher Woods (University of Pennsylvania)