Studies in Arabic Literature

As from Volume 25 this series continues as Brill Studies in Middle Eastern Literatures

Arabic literature is noted for its tradition-conscious consistency and sophistication. In the classical period, poetry and prose reached a high level of refinement and attained standards which are still being applied in the modern Arab world today. The literature of the modern, post-classical, period is no less sophisticated, being a vibrant and flourishing expression of the continued Arabic tradition.
The series Studies in Arabic Literature, Supplements to the Journal of Arabic Litrature, founded in 1971, is concerned with all kinds of literary expression in Arabic, including the oral and vernacular traditions, of both the modern and the classical periods.Studies in the series can be literary-historical, analytical or comparative in nature, and can treat of individual works, authors and genres as well as literary traditions in a wider context. Studies dealing with the social, political and philosophical backgrounds of Arabic literature are particularly welcome in the series.
The series comprises monographs, thematic collections of articles, handbooks, textual editions and annotated translations.
Text editions are as a rule accompanied by a translation on facing pages; both text editions and translations should include comprehensive, critical introductions which give a full and proper appreciation of the text or texts in question.