Studies in Central European Histories

Studies in Central European Histories is a peer-reviewed book series that presents original work and translations of the histories of the German-speaking and closely related peoples of Central Europe between the Middle Ages and the present. It aims to bring forward new and neglected perspectives on important subjects and issues in the histories of these peoples. The series is designed for advanced students and scholars of German and European history in the early modern and modern periods.

General Editors: David M. Luebke and Celia Applegate.

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The series published an average of 1,5 volumes per year over the last 5 years.
Edited by
David M. Luebke, University of Oregon
Celia Applegate, Vanderbilt University

Founding Editors
Thomas A. Brady
Roger Chickering

Editorial Board
Steven Beller, Washington, D.C.
Marc R. Forster, Connecticut College
Atina Grossmann, Columbia University
Peter Hayes, Northwestern University
Susan Karant-Nunn, University of Arizona
Mary Lindemann, University of Miami
H.C. Erik Midelfort, University of Virginia
David Sabean, University of California, Los Angeles
Jonathan Sperber, University of Missouri
Jan de Vries, University of California, Berkeley