Studies in the History and Culture of the Ancient Near East

Editors: Weippert and Baruch Halpern
The Near East has witnessed several of the world's earliest major civilizations and is the cradle of its three monotheistic religions.
The Studies in the History and Culture of the Ancient Near East are concerned with political, social and economic history;religion; the state, kingship and administration; agriculture, husbandry, nutrition, crafts and education; science and technology; literature and performing arts; et cetera.
Geographically the series covers the fertile crescent, Anatolia, Cyprus , Iran and the Arabian peninsula, while chronologically the period from early historical times to about 600 A.D. is covered.
The series includes monographs on substantial subjects, thematic collections of articles, and handbooks The Volumes contribute to scholarly research. Their accesibility is enhanced by a proper organization of the contents and, wherever appropriate, by indexes. They include introductions placing the subjects of the context of pertinent developments of the time, and of current research.
The Volumes are in English, occasionally in German or French.
The Volumes are as a rule between 200 and 450 printed pages.
The series is of interest to students of the Ancient Near East, of the bible and of classical antiquity and to historians.