Studies in the History of Christian Traditions

Editor: Robert Bast
Studies in the History of Christian Traditions is a peer-reviewed book series intended to encourage the study of continuities and discontinuities in the history of Christian thought through monographs dealing with single authors, movements and ideas. In view of the urgent necessity to transcend confessional and language barriers, the series is dedicated to this subject-matter as the common focus for the research of scholars of various religious and national backgrounds.

General Editor: Robert J. Bast.
Robert J. Bast, Knoxville, Tennessee (Editor in Chief)

Paul C.H. Lim, Nashville, Tennessee
Brad C. Pardue, Point Lookout, Missouri
Eric Saak, Indianapolis
Christine Shepardson, Knoxville, Tennessee
Brian Tierney, Ithaca, New York
John Van Engen, Notre Dame, Indiana

Founding Editor: Heiko A. Oberman †