Studies in the History of Political Thought

The books in this series cover topics in the history of political thought from antiquity to the present. They focus on intellectual traditions in and across all continents, thus showcasing the broad geographical range of current scholarship in the history of political thought. The editors seek to publish work adopting a variety of methodological approaches, including contextualist readings of individual authors, the longue durée history of political concepts, and comparative and cross-cultural studies of political ideas. The series is primarily intended for the publication of research monographs, but it will also occasionally publish coherent volumes of conference proceedings.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts to the Publisher at Brill, Wendel Scholma.

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Series Editors
Annelien de Dijn, University of Utrecht
Hilde De Weerdt, KU Leuven
This series is primarily aimed at a broad academic audience in the humanities and the social sciences, including historians, political scientists and philosophers, and at academic libraries.