Studies in the History of Political Thought

Studies in the History of Political Thought provides a forum for monographs on the history of Western political thought from antiquity to the present. While exclusively focused on the historical study of political ideas, the series does not intend to promote a specific approach, but will rather represent a broad and varied methodological spectrum, ranging from traditional history of political ideas to the history of political concepts, the “new history of political thought,” and comparative and transnational studies of political thought. The series is primarily intended for the publication of research monographs, but it will also occasionally publish editions of important source material and coherent volumes of conference proceedings.

Biographical Note

Terence Ball (Ph.D University of California, Berkeley) was formerly Professor of Political Science at the University of Minnesota and now teaches political theory at Arizona State University. His books include Transforming Political Discourse: Political Theory and Critical Conceptual History (1988), Reappraising Political Theory: Revisionist Studies in the History of Political Thought (1995), and a mystery novel, Rousseau's Ghost (1998). Jörn Leonhard (PhD. Heidelberg 1998, Habilitation Heidelberg 2004) is Full Professor for Modern European History at the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiberg in Germany. He is one of the Founding Directors of the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (School of History). He has published widely on comparative European history and historical semantics. His monographs include Liberalismus – Zur historischen Semantik eines europäischen Deutungsmusters (Munich 2001) and recently Bellizismus und Nation. Kriegsdeutung und Nationsbestimmung in Europa und den Vereinigten Staaten 1750-1914 (Munich 2008). Wyger Velema (Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University) is Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History at the University of Amsterdam. He has published widely on the history of eighteenth-century political thought, most recently Republicans: Essays on Eighteenth-Century Dutch Political Thought (2007).

Editorial Board

Edited by Terence Ball, Arizona State University Annelien de Dijn, University of Amsterdam Jörn Leonhard, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg Wyger Velema, University of Amsterdam Advisory Board Janet Coleman, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK Vittor Ivo Comparato, University of Perugia, Italy Jacques Guilhaumou, CNRS, France John Marshall, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA Markku Peltonen, University of Helsinki, Finland


This series is primarily aimed at a broad academic audience in the humanities and the social sciences, including historians, political scientists and philosophers, and at academic libraries.