Studies in Intercultural Human Rights

This series offers pathbreaking studies in the dynamic field of intercultural human rights. Its primary aim is to publish volumes which offer interdisciplinary analysis of global societal problems, review past legal responses, and develop solutions which maximize access by all to the realization of universal human aspirations. It also includes other original studies in the field of human rights.

The series published an average of one volume per year over the last 5 years.

Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief: Siegfried Wiessner, St. Thomas University.

Board of Editors:
W. Michael Reisman, Yale University
Mahnoush H. Arsanjani, United Nations
Nora Demleitner, Hofstra University
Christof Heyns, University of Pretoria
Eckart Klein, University of Potsdam
Kalliopi Koufa, University of Thessaloniki
Makau Mutua, State University of New York at Buffalo
Martin Nettesheim, University of Tübingen; University of California at Berkeley
Thomas Oppermann, University of Tübingen
Roza Pati, St. Thomas University
Herbert Petzold, Former Registrar, European Court of Human Rights
Martin Scheinin, European University Institute, Florence