Studies in Jewish History and Culture

Editor-in-Chief: Giuseppe Veltri
Studies in Jewish History and Culture aims to present a wide spectrum of studies that cover Jewish history, society, and culture from antiquity to the present. The series seeks to highlight diversity within Judaism as well as the interaction between Jewish and non-Jewish civilizations. Encompassing all geographical areas and all periods in the history of Judaism, this series specializes in intellectual history, translations and translation process, folklore and daily life, and literature and literary theory.

The series published an average of 3,5 volumes per year over the last 5 years.
Giuseppe Veltri

Editorial Board
Gad Freudenthal, Alessandro Guetta, Hanna Liss, Ronit Meroz, Reimund Leicht, Judith Olszowy-Schlanger, David Ruderman, and Marion Aptroot.

Advisory Board
Bruno Chiesa (University of Turin), Rachel Elior (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), Anthony Grafton (Princeton University), Eleazar Gutwirth (Tel Aviv University), Catherine Hezser (SOAS, London), Moshe Idel (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), Paul Mendes-Flohr (University of Chicago/Hebrew University, Jerusalem), Caterina Rigo (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), Stefan Schreiner (University of Tübingen), Peter Schäfer (Princeton University), Adam Shear (University of Pittsburgh), Miriam Silvera (University of Tor Vergata Rome), Israel Yuval (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), Jonathan Webber (University of Birmingham)