Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions

Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions is a peer-reviewed book series that provides a forum for monographs and text editions on subjects pertaining to the watershed between the Middle Ages and the Reformation. There is a wealth of subject matter to be found in the correlation and mutual interpretation of all three areas of specialization—Medieval, Renaissance, and Reformation studies. In encouraging the pursuit of the social history of ideas, Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions pays equal attention to political, cultural and religious history. General Editor: Andrew Colin Gow

Editorial Board

Andrew Colin Gow, Edmonton, Alberta (General Editor) Sara Beam, Victoria, BC Falk Eisermann, Berlin Johannes Heil, Heidelberg Martin Kaufhold, Augsburg Ute Lotz-Heumann, Tucson, Arizona Jürgen Miethke, Heidelberg Christopher Ocker, San Anselmo and Berkeley, California Beth Plummer, Tucson, Arizona Ulinka Rublack, Cambridge, UK Founding Editor: Heiko A. Oberman †

Review Quote

[...] a truly distinguished series, the list of whose authors reads like a Who's Who of early modern historians.William V. Hudon, The American Historical Review

There were some who worried that Brill’s Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions might languish once separated from the guiding hand of Heiko Oberman. One need not worry.David M. Whitford, Renaissance Quarterly