Martin Bucer: Briefwechsel/Correspondance

Theologian Martin Bucer (1491-1551) had an extensive knowledge of European affairs. In addition to his contacts within Alsace and Germany, he established relations with almost every country on the continent. It was his ecumenical attitude that often led him to mediate between the various parties involved in the religious battles of his time. His deep commitment and his objective to reach an agreement can be traced in all his activities, works and letters. As Bucer did not found a religious denomination himself, his theological and historical importance has been underestimated for a long time. In addition, his handwriting is hard to decipher, which makes it difficult to deal with his works, especially his letters. This academic edition of Bucer's correspondence provides scholars with a rich source to understand a part of Reformation history about which very little is known.

Review Quotes

"The critical edition of Bucer’s correspondence will be of immense service to Reformation scholars for generations to come."
Milton Kooistra, York University, Canada. In: Sixteenth Century Journal, Vol. 44, No. 2 (2013), p. 489.

"Martin Bucer tritt unter anderem durch diese vorzügliche Edition seines Briefwechsels aus dem Schatten Luthers, Calvins und Melanchthons hervor… Die Sorgfalt und bewundernswerte Zuverlässigkeit des deutsch-französischen Editorenteams ermöglicht es, ihn viel besser kennenzulernen, als das ohne diese mustergültige Erschließung seiner Korrespondenz möglich wäre."
Christoph Burger, VU University Amsterdam. In: Church History and Religious Culture, Vol. 92, Nos. 2-3 (2012), pp. 370-373.

"Der Martin Bucer Briefwechsel zählt zu den vorzüglichsten Editionsprojekten der gegenwärtigen Frühneuzeitsforschung."
Christopher Spehr, Jena. In: Theologische Literaturzeitung, Bd. 138:5 (2013). S. 580-582.

"Es gibt kaum eine Edition, die so informativ und so aufschlussreich ist wie diese."
Herman Selderhuis, Apeldoorn. In: Theologische Literaturzeitung, Bd. 138:12 (2013), S. 1346-1347.