Supplement to Aramaic Studies

Supplements to Aramaic Studies (STAS) succeeds the series Studies in the Aramaic Interpretation of Scripture (SAIS), the first volume of which was published in 2002. The new series serves as a companion to the journal Aramaic Studies, and like it aims to provide a publishing venue for scholarly studies in all areas related to Aramaic; it is no longer limited to the Targums and other translations of biblical books into Aramaic.
The series now solicits book-length analyses of any literary type or genre composed in Aramaic. These include but are not limited to inscriptions, letters, translations, wisdom literature, legal works and poetry. Studies of spoken Aramaic are also welcome. It seeks works studying any dialect, from Old Aramaic and Imperial Aramaic to Neo-Aramaic, from the Palmyrene and Nabatean dialects through biblical and Qumran Aramaic to the Jewish and Christian dialects of the Late Roman and Byzantine periods, from the Aramaic works found in Egypt to the Babylonian and Mandaic writings of Mesopotamia. Any scholarly approach is welcome: historical, philological, linguistic, exegetical, literary, or theological. Critical editions of primary sources are welcome as well.
Editors-in-Chief: Aaron Butts, The Catholic University of America and Willem Smelik, University College London

Editorial Board
Moshe Bernstein, Yeshiva University
Aaron Butts, Catholic University, Washington
Bruce Chilton, Bard College
Edward M. Cook, Catholic University of America
Luis Díez Merino, University of Barcelona