Selected Works of Juan Luis Vives

The study of Vives is mainly still dependent upon the well-known Opera Omnia (Valencia, 1782-1790, 8 volumes) provided by Majansius. Though this edition has manifest merits, it cannot stand the test of present-day criticism. It does not offer a critical apparatus, thus being useless for the study of the evolution of Vives' thought on the basis of the revisions he made in his publications. Nor does it contain a systematically worked out apparatus fontium, which makes it possible to assess Vives' knowledge of the ancient literature, crucial for an accurate understanding of his humanist education and evolution. Finally, the legibility of Majansius' edition is impaired by the often misleading division into paragraphs, rather idiosyncratic orthography and punctuation.
The aim of this series is primarily to provide critical editions. Consequently, the text is accompanied by a critical apparatus and an apparatus fontium, supplemented with 3 indices: an index nominum, an index locorum, and an index verborum memorabilium in which language use at variance with the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae will be indicated.
In addition, an English translation with a restricted set of notes is provided. The main consideration, however, remains the critical edition. The notes to the translation do not replace the information compiled in the apparatus fontium. So, in using the present publication one should not restrict oneself to the right hand page, a fact which the editors wish to emphasize.

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