TANAP Monographs on the History of Asian-European Interaction

Editor: Leonard Blussé
This series on the history of Asian-European Interaction is the outcome of the spectacularly successful TANAP (Towards a New Age of Partnership) program that was carried out at Leiden University from 2001 to 2006 by a score of young Asian, South African and European scholars. In search of a better understanding of Asian-European interaction in early modern Monsoon Asia the authors strove to match their researches in the depositories of the former Dutch East India Company (VOC) in archives at The Hague, Cape Town, Colombo, Madras, and Jakarta with local Asian sources and the latest scholarly literature. As such, these monographs provide new insights into the integration of the Asian theatre into global history.
The TANAP program was directed by the staffs of the History Department of Leiden University and the National Archives in The Hague in close cooperation with colleagues and supervisors from various academic and archival institutions in Asia and South Africa. It was funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science; the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO); the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the Netherlands UNESCO Commission; and several private foundations in Asia and Europe.
The TANAP Monographs series is produced by the History Department of Leiden University, which also publishes the research journal Itinerario. International Journal on the History of European Expansion and Global Interaction.

The series published two volumes over the last 5 years.