Supplements to the Textual History of the Bible

Supplements to the Textual History of the Bible focuses on the textual criticism and textual history of the Hebrew Bible and cognate literatures in their manifold languages and traditions. The series and its topics are of interest to Jewish and Christian scholars and libraries engaged with religious and biblical studies at both private and public institutions.

The series will consist of individual monographs as well as collected volumes. Examples could include studies analyzing individual textual witnesses in their social context and in the reading they provide to a given biblical book but also studies dedicated to broader implications of textual history and the sociology of the text as well as the history of the scholarship.

The series is peer reviewed and will, initially, solicit proposals from contributors to the reference work Textual History of the Bible. However, the series is also open to proposals from any qualified scholars of the text of the Bible. Volumes will be published in the major scholarly languages in the field.
Editor-in-Chief: Emanuel Tov, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Editorial Board: Hans Ausloos University Louvain-la-Neuve, Ignacio Carbajosa San Damaso University, Karin Finsterbusch University Koblenz- Landau, Russell Fuller, University of San Diego, Matthias Henze, Rice University, Armin Lange, University of Vienna and Noam Mizrahi, Hebrew University