Value Inquiry Book Series

Founded in 1992 by Robert Ginsberg to publish philosophical books in all areas of value inquiry, the Value Inquiry Book Series (VIBS) stresses the exploration of contemporary problems of value(s) and valuation in their embeddedness within particular fields and contexts. The VIBS exists to stimulate research that acknowledges and reflects upon the values from which its particular objectives arise. It encourages interdisciplinary dialogue by publishing books of and about philosophy at the intersections of value inquiry ranging across diverse fields, including: social and political thought; ethics; aesthetics; religious values; identity values such as race, gender, class, sexuality, and nation; law and society; human rights, film and new media culture, peace theory, and trending areas within philosophy. The VIBS actively seeks to acquire original monographs that foreground contemporary relevance within the topical frameworks listed above. The series is also open to edited volumes that demonstrate strong thematic coherence and continuity among the contributions.

The series published an average of eleven volumes per year over the last 5 years.
Founding Editor
Robert Ginsberg

Executive Editor Emeritus
Leonidas Donskis (1962-2016)

J.D. Mininger, LCC International University

Associate Editors
J. Everet Green, Vasil Gluchman, Francesc Forn i Argimon, Mikhail Sergeev, Olli Loukola, Peter A. Redpath, Arunas Germanavicius, Rod Nicholls, John-Stewart Gordon, Gustavo Ortiz Millán, Thorsten Botz-Bornstein, Danielle Poe, Stella Villarmea, Mark Letteri, Jon Stewart, Vincent L. Luizzi, Andrew Fitz-Gibbon, Hille Haker and Daniel B. Gallagher.