Verhandelingen van het Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde

Series Editors: R.M.A.L. Hoefte and David Kloos
Initiated in 1938, the ‘Verhandelingen’, or ‘VKI’, is the longest running series of monographs and edited volumes on the humanities and social sciences of Southeast Asia and especially Indonesia. So far, over 300 volumes have been published by internationally renowned scholars. The series’ publications include classics in their field as well as cutting-edge modern scholarship. Informed by theoretical debates the volumes have a strong empirical orientation, thus providing the series with a lasting relevance. Today, the editors focus on history and politics, archeology, anthropology and urban studies, media and popular culture, as well as literature and linguistics. Two sub-series, viz., Power and Place and Southeast Asia Mediated, respectively concentrating on local politics, and media and popular culture, foreground the series’ mission of exploring new topics and themes.

The first 100 volumes are available free of charge under a CC-BY-NC license here. The titles are clustered as VKI E-Book Collection, Vols. 1-100.
Rosemarijn Hoefte is a historian specialized in the Caribbean. She is Professor in the history of Suriname after 1873 in comparative perspective at the University of Amsterdam. Her main research interests are the history of postabolition Suriname, migration and unfree labor, and contemporary Caribbean history. Her current projects are ‘Departing from Java’, ‘Empire and Transnationalism’, and a study of Surinamese social activist and politician Grace Schneiders-Howard.

David Kloos is a senior researcher and a member of the KITLV Management Team (Portfolio Research). His work is characterized by a combination of historical and anthropological research methods. He is interested in religion, gender, violence, colonialism, knowledge formation, visual methods, and the social and political aspects of climate change.
Series Editors:
Rosemarijn Hoefte, KITLV, Leiden
David Kloos, KITLV, Leiden

Editorial Board Members:
Michael Laffan, Princeton University
Adrian Vickers, The University of Sydney
Anna Tsing, University of California Santa Cruz