World Catalogue of Insects

Insect species may make up five or ten times the number of all other plant and animal species combined, and as such they represent one of the major challenges in biosystematic science and the most basic prerequisite for its understanding and conservation is inventory. Therefore, the World Catalogue of Insects book series was launched with the aim of compiling global, authoritative catalogues of monophyletic insect taxa.

Volumes in this series will at least contain standard nomenclatural information on all names pertaining to the taxon treated, including type locality and distribution to the extent this is relevant. Additional information is optional, e. g. location, status and condition of types; biology; bibliographical information; pest status; vector status; etc. For each volume, the taxon is presented in a short introduction, eventually with some illustrations. This includes a brief diagnosis; outline of possible phylogenetic relationships with most important apomorphic character status; general biology; agricultural, medical, veterinary, conservational or other importance.

With the World Catalogue of Insects series, we aim to offer a platform for publishing future insect catalogues as it has often proved to be difficult to find suitable publishing opportunities and in this way to encourage and attract entomologists currently preparing catalogue manuscripts.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts by email to the publisher Stefan Einarson. For information on how to submit a book proposal, please consult the Brill Author Guide.