European Studies

An Interdisciplinary Series in European Culture, History and Politics (Formerly: Yearbook of European Studies / Annuaire d'Etudes Européennes)

European Studies is a peer-reviewed book series on European culture, history and politics, with a special focus on modern and contemporary phenomena.

Each volume is dedicated to a specific theme, addressed from a wide range of regional, conceptual, and interdisciplinary perspectives. We welcome research that is transnational and that considers Europe as one node in a global network of confluences. The series aims to provide a forum for European studies in a broader sense, examining the cultural, historical , and ideological aspects of European phenomena and the story and idea of Europe. This includes studies focusing on the history and workings of the EU, or the relationship between the EU and individual member states. The Editorial board welcomes suggestions for edited volumes and monographs. Additionally, we would consider proposals for thematically focused conference proceedings.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts to the Publisher at Brill, Wendel Scholma.

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Formerly known as the Yearbook of European Studies / Annuaire d'Études Européennes (ISSN 0920-4792).
Series Editor:
Marjet Brolsma, University of Amsterdam,
Robin de Bruin, University of Amsterdam,
Sudha Rajagopalan,University of Amsterdam,
and Ewa Stańczyk, University of Amsterdam.
“…excellent European Studies series…” in: Journal of Common Market Studies, Vol. 43, No. 5, 2005