Zhuang Traditional Texts

Series Editors:
David Holm
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Meng Yuanyao
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The Zhuang are a Tai-speaking people and China’s most populous minority. This series presents critical editions of traditional Zhuang texts, written in a character script based on Chinese but modified to represent the Zhuang language. Each volume will present a single text or a number of texts from the same locality or region, including ritual texts, song texts, play scripts, and other genres. Together, these works will serve to introduce many different aspects of Zhuang cultural life to an international readership.

Anthony Diller (University of Sydney)
Li Jinfang (Central Minzu University, Beijing)
Liang Tingwang (Central Minzu University, Beijing)
Luo Yongxian (University of Melbourne)
Somsonge Burusphat (Mahidol University)
Barend Terwiel (University of Hamburg)
Zhou Guoyan (Central Minzu University, Beijing)
All interested in the traditional societies of the minority peoples of China and Southeast Asia, vernacular scripts and oral and written literatures of China and of Southeast Asia, Tai linguistics, human societies and the natural world, and ritual and religion, as well as historians of the frontier zones of Southern China.
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