United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982, Volume III

A Commentary


Volume III is the fourth substantive volume to be published in this series, covering articles 86 to 132 of the 1982 Convention. These articles address the issue of States' rights and jurisdiction in maritime areas beyond the limits of national jurisdiction (with the exception of the international seabed area), as well as the regime to be applied to islands, in enclosed and semi-enclosed seas, and with the access of landlocked States to and from the sea. Volume III is a direct continuation of Volume II, which deals with maritime areas under the sovereignty of jurisdiction of a State, and completes the commentary on the provisions of the Convention negotiated under the auspices of the Second Committee at UNCLOS III. The work of the Second Committee was an integrated whole, and the unity of the theme has been spread over two volumes solely as a matter of convenience. A number of documentary annexes have been included in this volume.

Additional supplementary material can be found at UNCLOS 1982 Commentary: Supplementary Documents.


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Table of contents

Foreword; J.N. Moore, M.H. Nordquist. Preface; S.N. Nandan, S. Rosenne. Abbreviations and Acronyms. Table of Cases. Table of Treaties. Commentaries:- Introduction: The Work of the Second Committee. VII. Introduction. 1. General Provisions. 2. Conservation and Management of the Living Resources of the High Seas. VIII. Regimes of Islands. IX. Enclosed or Semi-Enclosed Seas. X. Right of Access of Land-Locked States To and From the Sea and Freedom of Transit. Documentary Annexes: I. Report of the Second Committee: Territorial Sea (1930 Conference for the Codification of International Law). II. 1958 Final Act. III. 1958 Convention on the Territorial Sea and the Contiguous Zone. IV. 1958 Convention on the High Seas. V. 1958 Convention on Fishing and Conservation of the Living Resources of the High Seas. VI. 1958 Convention on the Continental Shelf. VII. 1958 Optional Protocol of Signature concerning the Compulsory Settlement of Disputes. VIII. 1958 Resolutions. IX. 1960 Final Act. X. Main Trends Working Paper. XI. Draft Agreement for the Implementation of the Provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea of 10 December 1982 relating to the Conservation and Management of Straddling Fish Stocks and Highly Migratory Fish Stocks. XII. G.A. Resolution 49/82: Law of the Sea (1994). Subject Index.