International Yearbook for Legal Anthropology, Volume 8


Editors: René Kuppe and Richard Potz
The Law & Anthropology Yearbook brings together a collection of studies that discuss legal problems raised by cultural differences between people and the law to which they are subject. Volume 8 contains a selection of edited papers presented at the VIth International Symposium of the Commission on Folk Law and Legal Pluralism, dealing with the topic of `Indigenous Self-Determination and Legal Pluralism'.


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Table of contents

Introduction; J.-A. Fiske. Self-Determination, Self- Government and Legal Pluralism in Tokelau; A.H. Angelo. Unilingual Aboriginal Jurors in a Euro-Canadian Criminal Justice System; J.U. Bayly. Indigenous Law, State Law, Renewable Resources and Formal Indigenous Self-Government in Northern Regions; A.J. Chapeskie. Mineral Revenues and Australian Aboriginal Self-Determination; R. Cullen. Resurrecting the Peace: Traditionalist Approaches to Separate Justice in Kahnawake Mohawk Nation; J. Dickson-Gilmore. A Change in the Tide: The United States Supreme Court's Assault on Federal Indian Law and Policy in Brendale v. Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakima Indian Nation and its Relation to Alaska and Canada; B.K. Garber, S. Conn. Territoriality and Aboriginal Self-Determination: Options for Pluralism in Canada; R. Groves. Sexual Equality as an Aboriginal Right: Canada's Aboriginal Woman in the Constitutional Process on Aboriginal Matters, 1982 – 1987; L.E. Krosenbrink-Gelissen. Recent Trends in Venezuela's Indigenist Law; R. Kuppe. Aspect of Local Control in State Social Security: Incorporating Traditional Values in the Income Security Program for Cree Hunters and Trappers; I. La Rusic. Indigenous Hawaiians' Options for Self-Determination Under U.S. and International Law; M.C. Lâm. Native Salmon Fishing at Kingsclear, New Brunswick: An Anthropological Study of Law and Dispute; T. MacInnis. Indigenous Australians: Litigation Towards Legal Pluralism; G. McIntyre. Cultural Adoption and Trial Cases from Southwestern Alaska; P. Morrow, M.C. Pete. Brazil-Estado Pluralista; O. Sampaio-Silva. The Attainment of Limited Self-Determination Among the Sami in Recent Years; T. Svensson. List of Contributors.