Philo of Alexandria

An annotated bibliography 1937-1986


The first author in which the traditions of Judaic thought and Greek philosophy flow together in a significant way is Philo of Alexandria.
This study presents a detailed and comprehensive examination of Philo's knowledge and utilization of the most popular philosophical work of his day, the Timaeus of Plato. A kind of "commentary" is given on all passages in Philo's oeuvre in which the Timaeus is used or referred to, followed by a "synthetic" account of the influence that it had on Philo's thought.
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Review Quotes

' Elle interessa non seulement les platonisants et les philonisants, mais aussi les historiens de la philosophie...'
Aimé Solignac, Archives de philosophy 48,3
' This is work of high quality... Warmly recommended.'
P.W. van der Horst, Nedrelands Theologisch Tijdschrift 39,3
' ...a masterpiece of expertise and energy.'
A. Hilhorst, Journal for the Study of Judaism, vol. XX nr 2.


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