Increasing the Effectiveness of the International Court of Justice


`In April 1996 the ICJ/UNITAR Colloquium on Increasing the Effectiveness of the Court brought together from all corners of the world judges, legal advisers, practitioners of international law and jurists. It provided an unprecedented opportunity for an in-depth and detailed exchange of views not only on the Court's performance to date, but also on its future role, as well as on possible ways and means of enhancing its operation. There were some fifteen panels, covering subjects ranging from the Court's jurisprudence to its working methods, from assessment of its achievements to evaluation of its ability to handle issues arising from space exploration and the growing concern for the environment. All in all, it was a most comprehensive approach to the subject. This publication, which presents the papers delivered at the Colloquium and the discussions which took place around them, accordingly constitutes instructive reading for all who are concerned with the management and peaceful resolution of disputes. I hope for its widest possible dissemination.'
From the Foreword by Kofi A. Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations.

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Foreword by the Secretary-General of the UN Kofi A. Annan. Acknowledgements; M.A. Boisard, C. Peck. Preface; C. Peck, R.S. Lee. I. The International Court of Justice at Fifty. II. Increasing the Use and Appeal of the Court. III. Contributions of the Court to the Resolution of International Tensions. IV. Modernizing the Conduct of the Court's Business. V. Problems in the Preparation of a Case: Perceptions of the Parties and the Court. VI. Ensuring the Best Bench: Ways of Selecting Judges. VII. Financing, Administering and Making Known the Work of the Court. VIII. Strengthening the Role of the Court as the Principal Judicial Organ of the UN. IX. The Court and Other International Tribunals. X. The Post-Adjudicative Phase. XI. The Role of ad hoc Judges. XII. Equipping the Court to Deal with Developing Areas of International Law: Environmental Law. XIII. Equipping the Court to Deal with Developing Areas of International Law: Space Law. XIV. Lessons of the Past and Needs of the Future. XV. Ceremonial Sitting of the International Court of Justice on the Occasion of Its 50th Anniversary. List of Authors. List of Cases. Index.