Territorial Acquisition, Disputes and International Law


Author: Surya P. Sharma
This book analyzes the traditional criteria of territorial acquisition and demonstrates their inadequacies in the modern context. It also addresses contemporary territorial doctrines and conflicts. It regards territorial acquisition as a comprehensive process involving various considerations leading to the establishment or transfer of exclusive control over territory. This approach has many advantages and adds to the development of the law of territorial acquisition. The author also provides an analysis of the claims and counter-claims in major contemporary territorial disputes and suggests appropriate legal perspectives bearing upon decision-making in regard to them. This book will be highly useful to students, academics and practitioners in the field of international law, as well as all governments and institutions dealing with territorial matters.

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Preface. I. Introduction. II. The Traditional Modalities of Acquisition of Territorial Sovereignty. III. The Review of the Traditional Modalities. IV. The Framework of the Contemporay Process of Acquisition of Territory. V. The General Appraisal. Index.