International Law Studies

Collected Papers: Volume Two

`Reader beware. You are about to be challenged and drawn into a realm of unorthodox ideas, often stated provocatively ...' (From the Foreword).
The field of international law is blessed with a broad range of high quality scholarship. But a truly fresh approach and real, original ideas always provide a welcome addition. Any serious player in the international law world will seek out these rare challenges to classic scholarship. International Law Studies is one of these unique works.
In this second volume of collected papers, the author addresses: - environmental law, - human rights, - international criminal law, - foreign relations law, - the intersection of political science and international law, and - the study and practice of international law. The insightful and probing nature of the author's wholly new analysis of these critical topics will intrigue any international law scholar or practitioner. To miss International Law Studies is to shut out one of the most thought-provoking voices in the field.
This is the second volume in a series of collected papers.


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Table of contents

Foreword. Preface. Part I: International Environmental Law. 1. A Foundation for Bioethics. 2. The Politics of Ecocide. 3. World Conferences and the Cheapening of International Norms. 4. Who Protects the Oceans? 5. An Alternative to the Law of the Sea Convention. 6. Whales: Their Emerging Right to Life. Part II: International Human Rights. 7. Are Human Rights Good for International Business? 8. Human Rights and Foreign Policy. 9. The Helsinki Accord. 10. Strong Opinions on Human Rights. 11. The Expatriation Tax and International Human Rights. Part III: International Criminal Law. 12. International Criminal Law and the Macro-Micro Problem. 13. Torture as Raison D'État. Part IV: Foreign Relations and International Law. 14. The Alien Tort Statute. 15. Universal in Rem Jurisdiction for Human Rights Cases? 16. May the President Violate International Law? 17. The United States and the Compulsory Jurisdiction of the World Court. Part V: Political Science and International Law. 18. International Law from a Machiavellian Perspective. 19. The Relevance of Machiavelli to Contemporary World Politics. 20. Psychological Constructs in Foreign Policy Prediction. 21. International Law as Psychological Data. 22. Phenomenology of International Law. 23. Theory, International Politics, and International Law. Part VI: The Study of International Law. 24. The Path of International Law. 25. International Law in the Curriculum. 26. Public International Law as a Career. 27. Dissemination of State Papers. 28. Yankees from Olympus. 29. Old Approaches to International Law. Abbreviations. Index.