Contemporary Issues in International Law

A Collection of the Josephine Onoh Memorial Lectures

Since 1985, the Law School at the University of Hull has hosted an annual lecture - the Josephine Onoh Memorial Lecture - given by a distinguished international lawyer. These annual lectures are funded by the Josephine Onoh Memorial Fund, established in 1984 by the family and friends of Josephine Onoh who was tragically killed in an air crash at Enugu, Nigeria, in November 1983. Josephine was a Hull law graduate, and at the time of her death was registered at the University for a research degree in the field of international law.
This book contains a collection of these annual lectures. The first lecture in 1985 was given by the late Judge Taslim Elias, at that time President of the International Court of Justice. Subsequent lectures have been given by both leading practitioners and professors of international law, including Sir Robert Jennings, Bin Cheng, Sir Ian Sinclair, Philip Allott, Henry Schermers, Lord Mackenzie-Stuart, Alexandre-Charles Kiss, Dame Rosalyn Higgins, Peter Sand, Ian Brownlie, Christopher Greenwood, Marti Koskenniemi, and Ralph Zacklin.
The lectures reflect some of the most significant international concerns of the last two decades. The subjects they address include new trends in international law, international courts and politics, the practitioner's view of international law, international law and revolution, the European Convention of Human Rights, European Community law concepts, the global environment and international law, the current role of the United Nations, international environmental trust funds, international boundary law, international law and imperialism, and humanitarian intervention.
This important collection of essays by some of the leading international law figures of our generation will be of equal value to all interested in international law, whether the academic or the practitioner.


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Table of contents

Introduction; D. Freestone, S. Subedi. I. New Trends in Contemporary International Law; Elias. II. International Courts and International Politics; R. Jennings. III. The Practitioner's view of International Law; I. Sinclair. IV. International Law and International Revolution: Re-conceiving the World; P. Allott. V. The European Commission of Human Rights from the Inside: Some Thoughts on Human Rights in Western Europe; H.G. Schermers. VI. The European Community: Catchwords and Reality; Mackenzie-Stuart. VII. Will the Necessity to Protect the Global Environment Transform the Law of International Relations; A.-C. Kiss. VIII. The New United Nations: Appearance and Reality; R. Higgins. IX. Trusts for the Earth: New Financial Mechanisms for International Environmental Protection; P. Sand. X. Boundary Problems and the Formation of New States; I. Brownlie. XI. International Law and Imperialism; M. Koskenniemi. XII. Beyond Kosovo: the United Nations and Humanitarian Intervention; R. Zacklin. Biographic information about the contributors and editors. Appendices.