Discrimination and Toleration

New Perspectives


Discrimination on the basis of race, gender or other ascribed group affiliations or individual identities is an all too well-known phenomenon. International instruments are invoked and refined to alter this situation, but often to little avail. In the present volume, authors from across the globe explore the nature and forms of discrimination and seek to establish a new conceptual ground for addressing the issue.
Toleration is often advocated as a remedy for discriminatory practices. In contrast to tolerance, which is seen as an attitude, toleration implies an active engaging of difference. In this volume, several authors address the inherent complexities of the notion itself, not least the implication of asymmetry between the tolerant and the tolerated.
A central theme throughout the volume is the relative force of law and other areas of public concern in addressing the issues of both discrimination and toleration. From a wide range of legal, literary, anthropological, and philosophical perspectives, the authors also show how the role of the intellectual is vital in reshaping the discourse and in redirecting practices that may affirm the equal worth of all humans.

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Introduction. 1. The Responsibility of Intellectuals; K. Hastrup. I: Spaces of Toleration. Introduction; K. Hastrup. 2. Offence: Literature in the Public Sphere; P. Madsen. 3. The Arrogation of Being by the Blind-Spot of Religion; E.V. Daniel. 4. From Temporary Protection to Permanent Residence: Bosnian Refugees in Scandinavia; B. Berg. 5. Toleration: Making Room for Difference; K. Hastrup. II: The Persistence of Race. Introduction; G. Ulrich. 6. Subverting the Cultural Logics of Marked and Unmarked Racisms in the Global Era; F.V. Harrison. After the Excess: Race, Racism and Reconciliation in Contemporary South Africa; Th.B. Hansen. 8. An Examination of Caste Discrimination in India; W.J.B. Fernando. 9. The Experience of the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination; Th. van Boven. 10. The Parakeets of Human Rights Standing; M. Kj\sgmaelig;rum. III: The Frontiers of Gender. Introduction; N. Rasmussen. 11. Gender and Sexuality: Difference, Rights and Toleration; S. Corrêa. 12. Sexual Orientation and International Law: A Study in the Manufacture of Cross-Cultural `Sensitivity'; E. Heinze. 13. Compliance with Reproductive Rights; R.J. Cook. 14. Sexual Violation and the Making of the Gendered Subject; V. Das. Epilogue. 15. Toleration Between Romanticism and Law; G. Ulrich. List of Contributors. Index.