Two Versions of the Solomon Narrative

An Inquiry into the Relationship between MT 1 Kgs. 2-11 and LXX 3 Reg. 2-11


This monograph deals with the problem of the text-historical relation between two versions of the Solomon Narrative: the Hebrew version preserved in the Masoretic Text of the book of Kings and the Greek version handed down in the Septuaginta of 3 Regum. Over the years, text critics have taken divergent approaches to this complex issue. This study reviews and evaluates their arguments. It does so on the basis of an independent analysis of the main differences between the two versions.
The contents of this book are relevant for everyone interested in the composition and textual history of the book of Kings.
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Biographical Note

Percy S.F. van Keulen, Ph.D. (1995) in Theology, Leiden University, is currently Research Fellow, doing research on the Peshitta. He has published on the literary and textual history of the book of Kings.


Those interested in textual criticism of the Old Testament, the composition and redaction of the book of Kings, Jewish religion in Late Antiquity.


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