Hippocrates On Ancient Medicine

Translated with Introduction and Commentary


Author: Mark Schiefsky
The Hippocratic treatise On Ancient Medicine, a key text in the history of early Greek thought, mounts a highly coherent attack on the attempt to base medical practice on principles drawn from natural philosophy. This volume presents an up-to-date Greek text of On Ancient Medicine, a new English translation, and a detailed commentary that focuses on questions of medical and scientific method; the introduction sets out a new approach to the problem of the work's relationship to its intellectual context and addresses the contentious issues of its date, authorship, and reception. The book will be of interest to scholars of ancient medicine and ancient philosophy, as well as anyone concerned with the history of science and scientific method in antiquity.

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Mark J. Schiefsky, Ph.D. (1999) in Classical Philosophy (Harvard), is Assistant Professor of the Classics at Harvard University. He has published a number of articles and reviews in the fields of ancient philosophy and science, particularly medicine and mechanics.
' Schiefsky's book is the first commentary of VM in English. It was preceded by two important French studies [..]. In comparison to the earlier commentaries, Schiefsky is much more interested in placing VM in the tradition of Greek philosophy. Moreover, given how he has benefited from research subsequent to Festugière but also has made substantial new contributions of his own, one can see why this new publication will become a standard reference book in the field.'
Chloe Balla, BMCR, 2005.
Scholars of the history of ancient philosophy and ancient medicine, classical philologists with a general interest in intellectual history, and all those interested in the history of ancient science or scientific method.