Social and Political Life in Late Antiquity - Volume 3.1


This book examines a number of themes relating to social and political life in Late Antiquity. The first part of the book considers how the powers of the emperor, state and civic authorities were expressed in the phyiscal environment, and how coinage and material culture were caught up in the political life of the period. The second part investigates the "middle classes" and "the poor", who are often less visible in archaeological, textual and epigraphic records. Other articles consider such topics as long term social evolution and the definition of time in Late Antiquity. Two extensive bibliographic essays provide an overview of published literature relating to social and political life.


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Biographical Note

William Bowden is Lecturer in Roman Archaeology at the University of Nottingham. He specialises in the archaeology of Roman and late antique Greece and Albania. Recent publications include Epirus Vetus: the Archaeology of a Late Antique Province (2003). Adam Gutteridge is the Artemis A.W. & Martha Joukowsky Postdoctoral Fellow at the Pembroke Center, Brown University. His Ph.D. (Cambridge University, 2005) considered perceptions of time and temporality in late antique culture. Carlos Machado is a doctoral student in Ancient History, Linacre College at Oxford University, funded by the Brazilian Ministry of Science (CNPQ). He is working on the political use of space in late antique Rome, and the appropriation of urban space by the senatorial aristocracy. He currently holds a scholarship at the British School at Rome.

Table of contents

Acknowledgements List of contributors Social and Political Life in Late Antiquity: an Introduction, Adam Gutteridge and Carlos Machado Bibliographic Essays Political Life in Late Antiquity: a Bibliographic Essay, Luke Lavan Social Life in Late Antiquity: a Bibliographic Essay, Lukas Schachner The Roman State: From Identity To Policy Constructing Roman Identities in Late Antiquity? Material Culture on the Western Frontier, Ellen Swift Coins and Politics in the Late Roman World, Richard Reece The Emperor And His Monuments Civil War and Public Dissent: the State Monuments of the Decentralised Roman Empire, Emanuel Mayer Building the Past: Monuments and Memory in the Forum Romanum, Carlos Machado The City: Social And Political Change Fora and Agorai in Mediterranean Cities during the 4th and 5th c. A.D., Luke Lavan The Control of Public Space and the Transformation of an Early Medieval town: a Re-examination of the Case of Brescia, Gian Pietro Brogiolo Churches And Power Architecture and Power: Churches in Northern Italy from the 4th to the 6th c., Gisella Cantino Wataghin Dark Age Rome: Towards an Interactive Topography, Kate Cooper, Julia Hilner and Conrad Leyser A New Temple for Byzantium: Anicia Juliana, King Solomon and the gilded ceiling in the Church of St Polyeuktos in Constantinople, Jonathan Bardill The Middle Class Artisans and Traders in Late Antiquity: Exploring the Limits of Archaeological Evidence, Enrico Zanini Middle Class Houses in Late Antiquity, Simon Ellis The Poor In Texts Constructed and Consumed: Everyday Life of the Poor in 4th c. Cappadocia, Susan Holman Poverty and Society in the World of John Chrysostom, Wendy Mayer The Poor And Archaeology The Urban Poor: Finding the Marginalised, Steve Roskams Rural Impoverishment in Northern Gaul at the End of Antiquity: the Contribution of Archaeology, Paul Van Ossel Socio-Cultural Change Some Aspects of Social and Cultural Time in Late Antiquity, Adam Gutteridge Social Transformation in the 6th-9th c. East, John Haldon


All those interested in the the archaeology and history of the Late Roman and Early Medieval periods in Europe and the Mediterranean.