Love, War, and the Grail

Templars, Hospitallers, and Teutonic Knights in Medieval Epic and Romance, 1150-1500

The Knights Templar, Knights Hospitaller, and Teutonic Knights frequently appear in the French, German, and English epic and romance literature of the Middle Ages. Love, War, and the Grail examines the religious roles of the military orders, such as caring for the sick, their warrior role of fighting Muslims, and the role of Templars in the Grail romances. It traces how these roles developed over time and looks at the role of these military religious orders in fiction of the Middle Ages. Nicholson’s analysis of the military orders in medieval fictional literature is of interest both to historians and to literary specialists. This is the first in-depth study to consider the subject throughout the medieval period.

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Helen J. Nicholson, Ph.D. (1990) in History, University of Leicester, is Senior Lecturer in History at Cardiff University, Wales. She has published on the Crusades and the military orders, including Chronicle of the Third Crusade (Ashgate, 1998).