Human Rights Protection in the Field


Massive, shocking violations of human rights are taking place in conflicts, crises, and emergencies around the world. There is broad agreement that human rights must be protected in the field, on the ground, where prople are vulnerable. But how is this to be done? There is a crisis of protection world-wide. Human rights and humanitarian organizations are in a quandry. They have all sounded the alarm. But how can protection be extended to those at risk, whether it be children, women, civilians, non-combattants, or the victims of oppression and violence? This is one of the first books to examine the need for protection in the field, survey the experiences of the different human rights and humanitarian organizations, and assess what works and what does not work.
For the most part it reveals, sadly, a crisis in protection efforts in the field. But in doing so, it will, hopefully, spur on greater efforts for strengthened protection in the field. More effective protection of human rights is its quest.
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Table of contents

Introduction : B.G. Ramcharan;
Chapter :
I. Human Rights Protection Strategies in a Time of Crisis: B.G . Ramcharan;
II. We are Failing the Victims of War: Michael O’Flaherty;
III. The Protection of Civilians: Mark Bowden;
IV. Operationalising the Protection of Civilians: Elissa Golberg;
V. Protection of Refugees and Displaced Persons: Kamel Morjane;
VI. Implementing International Humanitarian Law: Old and New Ways: Michel Veuthey;
VII. Protection in the Field: Human Rights Perspectives: OHCHR Staff;
VIII. Human Rights Field Operations: A New Protection Tool : William G. O’Neill;
IX. The Protection Methods of Human Rights Field Offices: B.G. Ramcharan;
X. The Human Rights Components of UN Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding Operations, and the Field Offices of UNDP and the Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights: OHCHR Staff;
XI. Enhancing Protection of Women and Girls in Conflict and Post-Conflict Environments: Comfort Lamptey;
XII. The OHCHR Kosovo Emergency Operation: Lessons Learned : OHCHR Staff;
XIII. Colombia: How to protect human rights in a situation of humanitarian crisis: OHCHR Staff;
XIV. The UN Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Central Africa: Teffera Shiawal-Kidanekal; Conclusion;
I. The UN Aide Memoire;
II. The DPKO/OHCHR MOU; III. The Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement;
IV. Annual Report of the OHCHR Field Office in Cambodia (2004);
V. Annual Report of the OHCHR Field Office in Colombia (2004);
VI. Annual Report on Human Rights Field Operations in Sierra Leone (2004);
VII. Consolidating the Profession: The Human Rights Field Officer; Index.


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