National Treaty Law and Practice

Dedicated to the Memory of Monroe Leigh


This book, which is dedicated to the memory of the distinguished international lawyer Monroe Leigh, presents a consolidated treatise on how different states organize their treaty-making through national law and practice. Traditionally, scholars have studied treaties from either an international or national perspective examining treaties in terms of the international law rules embodied in the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, or focusing on the treaty law of a single state. This compendium culminates a nearly thirty-year effort to derive a third, comparative perspective on the law of treaties. It analyzes the law and practice of nineteen states: Austria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Each chapter follows a common outline and contains an essay written by national expert(s) on a state’s treaty law and practice along with excerpts of relevant treaty-related legislation and documentation.
The states surveyed represent a cross-section of the international community and, as such, provide evidence of state practice generally. The first chapter illustrates how this evidence can inform international law, examining what criteria the surveyed states use to define treaties, whom they authorize to negotiate and conclude treaties, the legislative role in treaty-making and the effect of treaties within national legal systems. Taken together, these materials will serve as a lasting reference work on treaty law and practice for scholars, practitioners and government officials.


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Co-publication with The American Society of International Law.

Review Quotes

' Aussi utile aux universitaires qu'aux praticiens, cet ouvrage est, pour l'essentiel composé de 19 présentations nationales des règles et pratiques relatives à la procédure de conclusion des traités.' S.C., Extrait de l'Annuaire Francais de Droit Internationale, 2004.

Table of contents

Dedication, Duncan B. Hollis, Merritt R. Blakeslee, & L. Benjamin Ederington, About the Contributors, Chapter 1: A Comparative Approach to Treaty Law and Practice, Duncan B. Hollis, Chapter 2. Austria, Franz Cede and Gerhard Hafner, Chapter 3. Canada, Maurice Copithorne, Chapter 4. Chile, Francisco Orrego Vicuña and Francisco Orrego Bauzá, Chapter 5. China, Ambassador Xue Hanqin, Hu Zhiqiang, and Fan Kun, Chapter 6. Colombia, Germán Cavelier, Chapter 7. Egypt, Judge Nabil Elaraby, Mohammed Gomaa, and Lamia Mekhemar, Chapter 8. France, Pierre Michel Eisemann and Raphaële Rivier, Chapter 9. Germany, Hubert Beemelmans and Hans D. Treviranus, Chapter 10. India, K. Thakore, Chapter 11. Israel, Ruth Lapidoth, Chapter 12. Japan, Ambassador Takao Kawakami, Chapter 13. Mexico, Luis Miguel Diaz, Chapter 14. The Netherlands, Jan G. Brouwer, Chapter 15. Russia, William E. Butler, Chapter 16. South Africa, Neville John Botha, Chapter 17. Switzerland, Luzius Wildhaber, Marc D. Schinzel, and Adrian Scheidegger, Chapter 18. Thailand, Sompong Sucharitkul, Chapter 19. United Kingdom, Sir Ian Sinclair, Susan J. Dickson, and Graham Maciver, Chapter 20. United States, Robert E. Dalton, Acknowledgements, Index