Religion and Politics

Cultural Perspectives

Auteur : Daniel Šuber
Editor: Bernhard Giesen
This volume brings together essays by such eminent scholars like Shmuel N. Eisenstadt, Mary Douglas, Thomas Luckmann, Reinhart Koselleck, and Jan Assmann on the topic of politics and religion. The relationship between religious and cultural visions on the one hand and socio-political structures on the other becomes elaborated from a wide historical and culturalist perspective. These accounts are flanked by contributions of a younger generation of scholars that focus on new aspects of secularisation.
The book aims at reviving the interdisciplinary discourse on a matter which seems to be crucial to the question of future solidarity between different cultures and religions in a globalising world.

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Bernhard Giesen is Professor at the Department of History and Sociology at the University of Konstanz. He has published on various issues of sociological theory, cultural sociology and historical sociology. Daniel Ṧuber is Research Assistant at the Department of History and Sociology at the University of Konstanz. He works in the field of cultural sociology, sociological theory, and sociological methodology.
' ...this publication is a worthy series of contributions to the field of religion and politics and is thorough in its treatment of the current debates and its range of focuses on, for instance, institutional and social structural understandings of the relationship between religion and politics. This book, Volume 3 of International Studies in Religion and Society, is a good source for knowledge on religion and pre-modern stages of evolution and the fundamental cultural and political meanings behind the persistence of a religious or transcendental core in societies...a significant number of core political considerations are dealt with more that adequately in this indispensable edition.' Leonard A. Stone, Comparative Sociology Journal, 2005.
Bernhard Giesen and Daniel Šuber, Politics and Religion: An Introduction Part A – Conceptual Perspectives Shmuel N. Eisenstadt The Transformations of the Religious Dimension in the Constitution of Contemporary Modernities Jan Assmann, Axial‘ Breakthroughs and Semantic ‚Relocations‘ in Ancient Egypt and Israel Mary Douglas, Politics and Religion from an Anthropological Point of View. An Interview with Mary Douglas Thomas Luckmann, Religion and Morality in Modern Europe Compared to the Religious Situation in the United States of America Bernhard Giesen, Tales of Transcendence. Imagining the Sacred in Politics Part B – Religious Origins of Modernity Jan Assmann Monotheism and Its Political Consequences Shmuel N. Eisenstadt The Religious Origins of Modern Radical Movements Jan Assmann, Political Theology. Religion as Legitimizing Fiction in Antique and Early Modern Critique Part C – Aspects of Secularization Reinhart Koselleck, Temporal Foreshortening and Acceleration: A Study on Secularization Rudolf Schlög Secularization: German Catholicism on the Eve of Modernity Daniel Šuber, Religion, Philosophy and Social Science. The Rise of Modern Social Science from the point of view of Conceptual History Matthias Koenig, Politics and Religion in European Nation-States. Institutional Varieties and Contemporary Transformations