Is there a God of Human Rights?

The Complex Relationship between Human Rights and Religion: A South African Case

This volume deals with historical, systematic and empirical questions with regard to the complex relationship between human rights and religion. It focuses on the place and function of human rights in democracies in modern society. Moreover it elaborates on the problems which are implied in the complex relationship between human rights and religion from the beginning. Lastly it investigates the positive, negative and ambivalent empirical effects of religious attitudes on human rights attitudes among some youth in South Africa.

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Johannes A. van der Ven (1940), Ph.D. Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands, Doctor honoris causa University of Lund, Sweden, occupies the chair of comparative empirical theology in Nijmegen and the extra-ordinary chair of practical theology at the University of South Africa. He has written 13 books, edited 17 books and has written 300 articles in refereed journals in ten languages. Jaco S. Dreyer (1961), D.Th. University of South Africa, is an Associate Professor in the department of practical theology of the University of South Africa (UNISA), Pretoria, Republic of South Africa. He regularly publishes articles in refereed journals and serves on the editorial board of three scholarly journals. Hendrik J.C. Pieterse (1936), D.Th. University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, is emeritus Professor of Practical Theology, University of South Africa, and now occupies an extra-ordinary chair of practical theology at the University of Pretoria. He has written ten books and published 104 refereed articles.
' Conclusion: a fascinating book.' Jean-Pierre Wils, Radboud Magazine, 2005.
All those interested in human rights and religion, especially scholars and students in human rights law, law and religion, religious studies.