Wort und Wandlung

Senecas Lebenskunst


The most important medium of Seneca's Lebenskunst is language. We first change the meaning of words through philosophical reflection; then we can change ourselves through language. Each chapter in this book takes linguistic or stylistic observations in texts as starting point (e.g. metaphors from the domains of health, finance, and sea-faring). Topics are man's self-definition in time and place and his relation to property, learning, and tradition. Single words and rhetorical patterns guide us in constructing an inner world and to find our own identity. Texts in Latin and in translation document Seneca's importance for modern, Christian Europe.
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Biographical Note

Michael von Albrecht, Ph.D. (1959), Professor Emeritus at Heidelberg University has published works on classical literature and its reception, music, and literary translations. With Brill he published: History of Roman Literature (1997), Roman Epic (1999), and Cicero's Style (2003).

Review Quotes

' Hic liber, qui multis adnotationibus utilibus instructus est, non solum bene legitur, sed eius lectione etiam plurima addiscuntur. Insuper eodem unā ex parte praebentur incitamenta ad propias inqusitiones, alterā ex parte impulsūs dantur, quibus etiam didascalicae tractioni Senecae novi aspectūs addentur.'
Sigrides Albert, Vox Latina, 2005


All those interested in literature and philosophy, in the style and history of the philosophical essay, and in the classical tradition.


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