The Old Testament in Its World

Papers Read at the Winter Meeting, January 2003 - The Society for Old Testament Study and at the Joint Meeting, July 2003 - The Society for Old Testament Study and Het Oudtestamentisch Werkgezelschap in Nederland en België


Discoveries in sites revealing the ancient cultures of the Near East and Greece have contributed much to a better understanding of the Old Testament. As new finds constantly add new information, this precious evidence has to be (re)evaluated time and again. In this volume members of the Society for Old Testament Study in the United Kingdom and Ireland as well as members of the `Oudtestamentisch Werkgezelschap' in the Netherlands and Belgium join forces to undertake this demanding task. Egyptian, Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Neo-Hittite, Aramaic and Greek texts are inspected in order to establish whether or not they are relevant to the understanding of the Hebrew Bible.

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Robert P. Gordon, Ph.D. (1973) in the Faculty of Oriental Studies, Cambridge, 1971 is Regius Professor of Hebrew, Cambridge. Johannes de Moor, Ph.D. (1971) Free University, Amsterdam, is Professor Emeritus of Semitic languages, Kampen.
' This book should be in every serious library of biblical studies…' Mark W. Hamilton, Journal of Hebrew Scriptures, 2005.
K.J. Cathcart, The Comparative Philological Approach to the Text of the Old Testament M. Dijkstra, `As for the other events . . . ' Annals and Chronicles in Israel and the Ancient Near East R.P. Gordon, `Comparativism' and the God of Israel A.C. Hagedorn, `Who would invite a stranger from abroad?' The Presence of Greeks in Palestine in Old Testament Times P.S. Johnston, Death in Egypt and Israel: A Theological Reection K.A. Kitchen, The Hieroglyphic Inscriptions of the Neo-Hittite States (c. 1200-700 bc): A Fresh Source of Background to the Hebrew Bible M.C.A. Korpel, Disillusion among Jews in the Postexilic Period N. MacDonald, Whose Monotheism? Which Rationality? Reections on Israelite Monotheism in Erhard Gerstenberger's Theologies in the Old Testament M.E.J. Richardson, Textual Modi_cation: Some Examples from Egypt J.E. Tollington, Abraham and his Wives: Culture and Status P.J.P. van Hecke, Pastoral Metaphors in the Hebrew Bible and in its Ancient Near Eastern Context J.A. Wagenaar, The Priestly Festival Calendar and the Babylonian New Year Festivals: Origin and Transformation of the Ancient Israelite Festival Year J.-W. Wesselius, Language Play in the Old Testament and in Ancient North-West Semitic Inscriptions: Some Notes on the Kilamuwa Inscription P.J. Williams, Are the Biblical Rephaim and the Ugaritic RPUM Healers?
All those interested in contacts and parallels between ancient Israel and the world surrounding it: Old Testament scholarship, Egyptologists, Assyriologists, Semiticists, Classicists.