Dante and the Franciscans


Editor: Santa Casciani
Only the second volume dedicated to Dante and the Franciscans, this collection of essays offers a Franciscan reading of the Divine Comedy. Nine of the ten essays address how Dante’s Comedy and his Vita Nuova were influenced by Franciscan spirituality; the tenth essay addresses the influence that Dante’s Comedy had on the preaching of the Franciscan Order. More specifically, the essays in this volume are truly interdisciplinary and contribute to the understanding of how Dante understood and employed Franciscan sources in his literary production and how Bernardino of Siena integrated Dante’s work in his preaching.


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Biographical Note

Santa Casciani, Ph.D. (1994) in Italian, University of Wisconsin-Madison, is Associate Professor of Italian at John Carroll University, The Jesuit University in Cleveland. She has published on a wide variety of topics on Italian and Italian American literature and pedagogy and has co-edited and co-translated The Fiore (and the Detto d'amore) attributed to Dante (with Christopher Kleinhenz).

Review Quote

“An important volume providing a compendium of knowledge of Franciscan theology and the presence of Saint Francis in Dante’s work. Considering that the saint never wrote a theological text, it is even more signifcant and should be read by all readers of Dante” Giuseppe C. di Scipio in Renaissance Quarterly 60/4, Winter 2007 "...a welcome addition ... to the literature on Dante and Franciscanism. It offers some striking new insights into the Commedia 's assimilation of Franciscan culture" Nick Havely in The Medieval Review, 07.09.23

Table of contents

Acknowledgments Notes on Contributors Introduction - Santa Casciani Dante, Peter John Olivi, and the Franciscan Apocalypse - V.S. Benfell III Clarissan Spirituality and Dante - Tonia Bernardi Triggiano Bernardino: Reader of Dante - Santa Casciani What Dante Learned from St Francis - William R. Cook and Ronald B. Herzman A Franciscan explanation of Dante’s cinquecento diece e cinque - Elvira Giosi Dante’s Franciscanism - Giuseppe Mazzotta The Life of the World to Come: The Franciscan Character of Paradiso - Amanda D. Quantz The Cross as te in “The Canticle of Creatures,” Dante’s “Virgin Mother,” and Chaucer’s - “Invocation to Mary” - Sister Lucia Treanor Pax et bonum: Dante’s Depiction of Francis of Assisi in Paradiso 11 - Alessandro Vettori Vestiges and Communities: Franciscan Traces in Dante’s New Life - Brenda Wirkus Index


All those interested in intellectual history, Dante, the history of the Franciscan Movement in relation to the history of the Church, as well as philologists, theologians and Philosophers.