Arabische Dialektgeographie

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This volume is the first comprehensive and systematic description of the dialect geography of the Arabic language which investigates the methods and insights developed in the European context and how these can be applied to the domain of Arabic. It also deals briefly with the problems of the historical development of the modern Arabic dialects. With the help of 112 maps it examines topics such as types of maps, interpretation of maps, areal norms and their significance for Arabic and defining dialect borders. For the first time dialectometrical procedures are applied to Arabic dialects. It can be used as a practical introduction into Arabic dialect geography because in addition it discusses extensively methods of designing dialect geography maps a investigational techniques in the field.
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Peter Behnstedt, D Phil in Romance philology (1973, University of Tübingen), Dr. habil. in Arabic Studies (1997, University of Hamburg). He has published extensively on Arabic dialects (dialect atlases, text collections, glossaries, essays ). In collaboration with Manfred Woidich he has published on Arabic dialects (dialect atlas, text collections, glossaries, essays ).
Manfred Woidich, D Phil in Semitic Studies, (1969, University of Munich), Professor of Arabic at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He has published extensively on the dialect of Cairo and on Egyptian Arabic. Co-author (with Peter Behnstedt) of the dialectological atlas The Egyptian-Arabic Dialects (5 volumes, Reichert 1984-1999).


Für alle, die sich für Dialektologie, Dialektgeographie, Soziolinguistik, Kulturgeographie, Semitistik, arabische Sprache und die Geschichte der arabischen Sprache interessieren.


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