Concepts of the Other in Near Eastern Religions


Editors: Alon, Gruenwald and Singer

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I: Ancient Near East Ithamar Gruenwald, 'The Other Self: Introductory Notes.' Itamar Singer, 'The Ancient Near East.' Jean Bottéro, 'Let Etrangers et Leurs Dieux, Vus de Mesopotamie.' Christiane Livie-Coche, 'Dieux Autres, Dieux des Autres.' Itamar Singer, '“The Thousand Gods of Hatti” The Limits of an Expanding Pantheon.' Yair Hoffman, 'The Conception of “Other Gods” in Deuteronomistic Literature.' II: Judaism and Christianity Albert I. Baumgarten, 'The Rule of the Martian as Applied to Qumran.' Michael Mach, 'Versus Israel.' Gedaliahu G. Stroumsa, 'Early Christianity as Radical Religion.' Yoram Erder, 'The Karaites' Sadducee Dilemma.' William M. Brinner, 'The Image of the Jew as Other in Medieval Arabic Texts.' III: Islam and India Ilai Alon, 'Introduction.' Hans Daiber, 'The Quran as a “Shibboleth” of Varying Conception of the Godhead.' Steven M. Wasserstrom, '“The Šī‘īs are the Jews of Our Community”.' Joseph Sadan, 'Identity and Inimitability.' Ilai Alon, '“Redding” and “Blueing” at siffīn: A Lexical Note.' Wendy Doniger, 'Hindu Pluralism and Hindu Intolerance of the Other.'