Heresy and the Persecuting Society in the Middle Ages

Essays on the Work of R.I. Moore


This volume examines the influence of R. I. Moore and the nature of heresy and its repression in the Middle Ages. The volume considers the vexing question of the origins of medieval heresy and the possible influence of Bogomil missionaries. Geographic areas not usually examined for the growth of heresy are examined, and a new understanding of the violence of the Albigensian Crusade is offered. The blurred boundary between heresy and orthodoxy and the nature of heresy and popular religion are also discussed. The final chapters consider the formation of the persecuting society and Moore’s reflection on scholarship of the late 20th century. The volume offers new insights into the nature of heresy and society in the Middle Ages.

Contributors include: Malcolm Barber, Daniel F. Callahan, Michael Frassetto, James Given, Bernard Hamilton, Carol Lansing, Laurence W. Marvin, R.I. Moore, Mark Pegg, Edward Peters, Arthur Siegel, Susan Taylor Snyder, and Claire Taylor.

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Michael Frassetto, Ph.D. (1993) in History, University of Delaware, is religion editor at Encylopaedia Britannica. He has published numerous works on heresy and Ademar of Chabannes and edited the volume The Year 1000.
Acknowledgements List of Contributors Introduction, Michael Frassetto 1. Moore’s Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries: Travels in the Agro-Literate Polity, Edward Peters 2. Ademar of Chabannes and the Bogomils, Daniel F. Callahan 3. Italian Society and the Origins of Eleventh-Century Western Heresy, Arthur Siegel 4. Pagans, Heretics, Saracens, and Jews in the Sermons of Ademar of Chabannes, Michael Frassetto 5. Bogomil Influences on Western Heresy, Bernard Hamilton 6. Northern Catharism, Malcolm Barber 7. Authority and the Cathar Heresy in the Northern Languedoc, Claire Taylor 8. The Massacre at Béziers July 22, 1209: A Revisionist Look, Laurence W. Marvin 9. Heresy, Good Men, and Nomenclature, Mark Pegg 10. Cathars, Confraternities, and Civic Religion: The Blurry Border between Heresy and Orthodoxy, Susan Taylor Snyder 11. Idolatry and Fraud: the Case of Riperando and the Holy Managlia, Carol Lansing 12. Chasing Phantoms: Philip IV and the Fantastic, James Given 13. Afterthoughts on The Origins of European Dissent, R.I. Moore Index
All those interested in church history, religious dissent and its persecution, and social and institutional history, as well as historians and religious scholars.